Flashings and profiles

For your project, we can provide you with the required accessories to assist in constructing your building. Flashings for walls come as U-profiles, external and internal corners as well as drip-trays on request. For roofs, we can offer the following: Kantteilewall-connection plates and barge, verge ridge and eaves flashings.

These flashings can be offered in various sizes and lengths. Usually, the flashings are manufactured in galvanised steel in a coated paint finish. On request, we can manufacture these accessories in aluminium or stainless steel. The strength of material is also freely available to choose from, and can be finished in a range of RAL-colour tones.


External Corner flashing

Internal Corner flashing

Ridge roof flashing

Shed roof / monopitch ridge flashing

Barge roof flashing

Drip edge flashing

Eaves roof flashing

Wall apron abutment roof flashing

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