Applications and uses of insulated sandwich panels

Insulated sandwich panels are one of the quick building systems that are characterised by the following advantages:

  • economical
  • high insulation values
  • offers fire and sound protection
  • quick and easy installation
  • can even be installed by those with competent handywork knowledge

As a result, insulated panels are becoming an increasingly popular option in construction projects: from large industrial commercial warehouses, small to medium production areas to dedicated homebuild projects.

Here you can see some examples of sandwich panel applications that were completed by our customers.
On request, we can provide you with contact details.

Marx Halle Event Hall: sound absorption panels in rockwool insulation

Vienna, Austria

Planning & Implementation: Vasko+Partner Engineers
5.000 sqm rockwool wall-panels 150mm A-grade production.

Retail: Renovation & Insulation cladding

Planning: client
Mounting: private installation company
40mm Polyisocyanurate (PIR) microribbed wall-panels - mix of A-grade and B-grade (2nd choice) quality

Agriculture: Fruit storage

Planning and implementation: client
80mm polyurethane (PUR/PU) wall panels - B-grade quality
Sliding door 80mm PUR - B-grade quality

Automotive: Tyre warehouse

Planning & Implementation: client
Wall 100/120mm Polyurethane (PUR) - B-grade quality (2nd choice)
Roof 60mm Eco Polyisocyanurate (PIR) - A-grade quality (from production)

Food: Production & storage of frozen bakery goods

Planning: Client
Implementation: Private installation company
Material: Sandwich panels 150mm - B-grade panels (2nd choice- surplus stock)

Electricity building: new production hall

Bad Düben, Germany

Planning & Implementation: Roofing company
Wall & roof sandiwch panels 80mm PUR - A-grade production (new production)