Trapezoidal and profiled sheets for roof and wall

We can offer you a range of trapezoidal and profiled sheets for roof and wall in various lengths and colour finishes.

Here you can find our list of trapezoidal and profiled sheets. In addition, we are able to provide sheets in wood-look finish, which are often used in agriculture.

On request, we can offer you the full range of sheets produced new to your requirements in any lengths and RAL-colour tones. We are also able to provide you with special offers and returned orders.

Wall: 100-WA-01

Wall: 100-WA-02

Wall: 100-WA-03

Wall: 100-WA-04

Wall: 100-WA-05

Wall: 100-WA-06

Wall: 100-WA-07

Wall: 100-WA-08

Wall: 100-WA-09

Wall: 100-WA-10

Wall: 100-WA-11

Wall: 100-WA-12

Wall: 100-WA-13

Wall: 100-WA-14

Profiled plank cladding

Roof: 100-DA-01

Roof: 100-DA-02

Roof: 100-DA-03

Roof: 100-DA-04

Roof: 100-DA-05

Roof: 100-DA-06

Roof: 100-DA-07

Roof: 100-DA-08

Roof: 100-DA-09

Roof 100-DA-10

Roof: 100-DA-11

Roof: 100-DA-12

Roof: 100-DA-13

Roof: 100-DA-14

Roof: 100-DA-15

Roof tile sheet: 100-DA-16

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